Saving account

Knowing how interest on deposits works can help investors earn as much as possible in the form of passive income. After all, the Saving account service from Coin Market Solution is an analogue of storing funds on deposit at a bank but gives a higher income.

How does it work?

Using assets on Saving accounts, the Coin Market Solution futures tokenized assets exchange seeks to profit from increasing the capacities of mining systems, lending strategies, forming an insurance fund, and attracting investments.

Our processes are optimized by blockchain technology and are devoid of bureaucracy. You can quickly set up your personal Saving account with a stable passive income without leaving your home.

«I attract active capital strictly when a signal is formed according to my strategy. The rest of the time it grows in a controlled manner, being on the Saving account. It makes my market presence more effective than ever».
David T. Tanner,
hedge fund manager.

3 key benefits of Saving account compared to a bank deposit

Benefit #1. Higher percentage.

Suppose you have $ 100,000 in a bank with a charge of 20% per annum. In fact, this means that for the year you have 120,000 USD in your account.

If you put this capital on a Saving account, you could get to have 135,000 USDT, or more. Indeed, depending on the type of account, Coin Market Solution offers from 35% per annum.

Benefit #2. Interest payments are every 3 days.

While banks record interest payments with a frequency of 1 time per year, 1 time per quarter, etc., Coin Market Solution provides interest payments with an excellent frequency - 1 time in 3 (three) days!

Benefit #3. Decentralisation.

Since Saving accounts are maintained in USDT or BTC, clients receive all the advantages of using cryptocurrencies - anonymity, transparency, investment attractiveness.

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