Personal Banking

Personal banking should not only be offered by banks. As a confident participant in the competitive market, Coin Market Solution is developing in the trends of the financial services industry, where: 

  • cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets are increasingly being used;
  • more and more customers are served remotely using online accounts;
  • more and more retail customers are getting access to premium services.

We try to move away from the practice of standardization and strive to make our products more personalized, aimed at meeting individual financial needs. With this intention, personal banking services are no longer an exclusive privilege but are available to most Coin Market Solution customers.

What is Personal Banking?

Personal banking consists of private financial services and products offered to Coin Market Solution customers. It includes a wide range of cryptocurrency and tokenized asset capital management services. All of them are provided consolidated within a single personal account.

Personal banking services include such universal portfolio management options as:

  • the ability to create passive income;
  • active trading and long-term investments in the cryptocurrency and tokenized asset markets;
  • development of individual investment strategies;
  • diversification of capital between high-yield and stably growing assets;
  • consultations on financial planning, risk management;
  • accounting and control of capital efficiency;
  • applications for deposit and withdrawal of funds;

“Thanks to Coin Market Solution, I gained confidence in the financial future. That says a lot. ”

Laura Ingram,
private investor, crypto enthusiast.

Additional advantages of personal banking

We are moving towards the client, and our products are designed to achieve his personal financial goals. Therefore, the personal banking service from Coin Market Solution includes classic related services, but with a more personalized approach.

Related services include advice on:

  • portfolio optimization
  • individual financing options,
  • planning for retirement and transferring income to future generations,
  • the possibility of obtaining additional personal bonuses and benefits.