Licensed exchange

Coin Market Solution is a product of QYT OÜ's tokenized assets provider. Itis a universal platform providing a full range of services using cryptocurrencies. Thanks to Coin Market Solution, you can place long-term investments, implement short-term highly profitable speculations, and also conduct exchange operations with crypto assets.

How does the exchange work?

Do you have dollars, euros or other fiat money? QYT OÜ will legally exchange them for BTC or USDT. The principle is simple, the process is clear. You give fiat to us, we give bitcoins (BTC) or Tether to you (USDT).

To conduct the exchange, follow 3 steps.

  1. Account registration. Just click the “open an account” button on our Coin Market Solution site and fill out the standard form, indicating your name, e-mail, phone. It's free, an account opens instantly.
  2. Account Verification In order to comply with the security of customer accounts and within the framework of the current EU legislation, it is necessary to provide identity documents.
  3. Exchange. Immediately after confirming your identity, you can conduct an exchange. Using your bank card, make a deposit in fiat money - and get Bitcoin or Tether into your account.
  4. Having a BTC or USDT on your account, you can use them as a means of accumulation (keep them for a long time), buy and sell any available tokenized assets (oil, stocks and others), exchange them for other cryptocurrencies.


    • What time is it? 24/7. The system works continuously.
    • How fast will I receive a BTC / USDT account? It depends on whether you are doing the first exchange or repeated. If you have just verified a new account, then the first exchange creates a new wallet, it must be approved in the blockchain system. Then the wallet will be available for transactions. As a rule, in Coin Market Solution this process takes up to 30 minutes. If the exchange is repeated, the process will happen faster than you drink espresso.
    • Is it reliable? Yes. We are accountable to European financial supervisory authorities and value the reputation of the company and the brand.
    • What are the limitations? The minimum amount to exchange is the equivalent of 500 USDT.
    • What is the commission? To replenish accounts in Coin Market Solution no commission is charged. However, your bank may charge a fee.
    • At what rate will the exchange take place? At the current rate at the time of the entry of the application into the exchange system.
    • Is it possible to do without documents? No. Mandatory verification of accounts takes place in accordance with the requirements of legislative acts of the European Union. Your data is confidential, it will always be inaccessible to third parties.